Revel Immortal - Morning's Wrath II Teaser

Revel Immortal - Morning's Wrath II

Princess Morning is back to defend The Leowyn Kingdom from a new threat.
RPG Single Player Fantasy Early Access PC Mobile 

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Morning's Wrath Teaser

Morning's Wrath

Assume the role of Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom and guide her on a quest to master the ways of magic and save her kingdom from invasion.
Adventure RPG Single Player Fantasy PC 

"7.4" - PC GameZone
"...far above what you usually encounter in an independent game." -

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The Lost City of Malathedra Teaser

The Lost City of Malathedra

Your father has gone missing in his quest to find The Lost City of Malathedra; take up his torch and discovery why sometimes, a lost city should remain lost.
Adventure Single Player PC 

"...It is an eerie but yet fantastic sensation as you explore the forbidden city." - Adventure Classic Gaming

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Static: Investigator Training Teaser

Static: Investigator Training

A paranormal adventure through the haunted past of the Houghton Mansion of North Adams, Massachusetts.
Adventure Single Player Horror PC 

"It is an ambitious tale with a dark lyrical vibe." - Adventure Classic Gaming

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96MILL Teaser


A historic landmark is marked for demolition, but its infamous legacy refuses to be buried.
Adventure Single Player Horror PC Mobile 

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